Schwinn Ellipticals - Advantages of Schwinn Elliptical Crosstrainers

Looking at Schwinn ellipticals? Wondering how they rate against other elliptical brands?

This article will review Schwinn crosstrainers and cover some of the unique advantages you get with these elliptical trainers so you can decide if a Schwinn is right for you.

Some Background on Schwinn Crosstrainers:

Schwinn is owned by the Nautilus Health & Fitness Group - the same people behind Stairmaster, Bowflex and Trimline.

Nautilus is the one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment today so in this economy, they'll probably be around for a while.

Schwinn ellipticals have been around for several years, with new models coming onto the market every couple of years.

Their current models available are the 430, 420, 460 and 431 elliptical trainers.

Advantages of Schwinn Ellipticals:

Articulating Footplate - Most Schwinn models use an articulating footplate. The articulating footplate follows the natural motion of your foot and supports your heel throughout the entire stride motion which gives a smoother, more comfortable feel.

This can help reduce toe numbness and pain you might get with a cheaper elliptical and longer workouts.

18" Stride and Variable Stride - Most Schwinn crosstrainers come with a decent 18" stride, which is pretty good and should feel comfortable for most people.

The Schwinn 460 also comes with a variable stride from 2 to 26". You change the stride by applying more or less pressure.

This is a great way to challenge yourself as you can step with smaller strides, walk with medium strides or run with longer strides.

Comfortable, Quiet Operation - If there's one thing that Schwinn has really worked on, it's building ellipticals that feel comfortable and run quietly.

The articulating foot plates and magnetic ECB brakes help contribute to a comfortable ride. Plus the heavier 25 lb flywheels in the 431 and 460 models give you a smoother ride than most ellipticals under $1000

Built In Workouts - Schwinn ellipticals come with several built in workouts that do everything from track your heart rate recovery to burn a set amount of calories. The 460 even comes with 11 workout profiles built by the Nautilus Institute with instructional messages on how to exercise to maximize your results during each workout. It's like getting encouragement from your elliptical console.

Highly Rated - The Schwinn 418 (now discontinued) was rated a 'Best Buy' by a popular leading consumer magazine. And user ratings on these ellipticals are excellent with most ellipticals getting 4 out of 5 stars on average.


While these ellipticals are well made, they are still starter ellipticals without a lot of fancy bells and whistles. You don't get the workout programs, iPod ports or incline that you get with other brands.


Schwinn ellipticals give you great, comfortable design for a very reasonable price.

They offer great value for the money with decent stride lengths, comfortable design, built in workout programs and high expert and user ratings. If you're on a budget but still want a well built elliptical with a comfortable feel and sturdy design, Schwinn machines are worth checking out.


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